Things I love…

You know… its coming to my attention very quickly that I love cute creative nails… not like the really out there kind like these…  (which to be honest I admire the artwork but they are definitely not my style.) but more like this.  Of course when I began curating this post,  the first thing I started looking at were nails…   (I wonder if that says something about my personality… hmmm  I’m going to have to google that and get back to you.)  So, these past few weeks have been insanely busy with traveling and working on location but in those travels I’ve come up with some amazing finds as well as being rekindled with some old favorites.

{This simple tutorial can be found here & would be a great adornment this holiday season}

{I’m a such a lover of California Red Wines,  I adore this creative way to display the corks.}

{Words cannot really express my love for these bath bombs… Unfortunately they are closed for the holidays so you’ll have to make a trip to Canada to get your own… but completely worth it I’ve loved them for years.}

{I think this is just a supreme idea and as a photo-junkie I would love to have my fridge covered.}

{I’m pretty sure these are a staple in everyones home in one way or another during the holidays and well if they are not then they should be.  You can find a full recipe here.}

What things are you loving this week?

5 thoughts on “Things I love…

    1. I know right… basically you’re just sprinkling a little glitter over the top so I’m not really sure why you couldn’t duplicate it with Shellac but I’ll ask just to confirm for you. 🙂

  1. I totally agree with your nail style. I don’t like gaudy all-over nail design for the most part, but I do love a cute, mostly classy nail. I love this glitter look with the silver on silver/gray. It’s perfect for the holidays cuz it’s really pretty but not too crazy. Also, it will match anything but gold. 🙂 Also- tell me more about that iPhone photo thing, please!! Thank you!

    1. Hi Nicole, It would match anything gold!!! 🙂 I’m actually kind of funny about my nails I’m very particular regarding the length and shape, if they are longer then my fingertips 90% of the time I’m searching for a file. LOL

      The StickyGrams are soo cool I’m so excited to try them. Basically its a page of 9 squares that you print your instagrams onto an they are magnetic on the back. Here is the site so you can check it out. I can think of a million possibilities with these. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by I’m excited you enjoyed my posting. Hope you have an awesome week. 🙂

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