For the past few months I’ve been researching subscription boxes… while checking out the reviews I’ve learned most importantly that the average consumer is quite finicky about both their products and the money the use to spend it.  Both of these reasons  I can highly respect.  After searching out the various options,  I decided that GLOSSYBOX would be my choice, in contacting them I was gifted a trial box to check out and share with you all… let me just say that I was so incredibly pleased with my box that I have since subscribed and am anxiously awaiting my APRIL BOX which should be arriving any day.

Have you ever received a package or gift and just thought… this was wrapped just for me.   That was my initial impression… from the branding placed on the interior of the box down to the ribbon adorning the gifts was beautifully thought out.

 Once I got into the box,  it was game over.  I knew I was hooked. There was a beauty cream, organic soap, fun & funk nail polish, hair spray, and as demonstrated in the video below an amazing lip & cheek stain.

 My number one reason for loving this kind of a service can be summed up in 3 words…  dainty, luxurious, selective.  Now you might think that selective would be similar to the reason why many detour from this company.  I agree in quite the opposite manner.  When I visit shops like ULTA or Sephora the first place I flock to are the travel bins.  For one,  I travel a lot and for two… I love trying new products.  Fun samples of things always tend to last just as long as a full size of something due to the fact that once I’m ready to try something new… the sample is gone.  Investing in $20 a month to have a box full of surprises in the form of beauty products is a win-win for this girl.

March Glossybox { BONUS –  They always include bonuses this box included a $40 Gift Certificate to PRESTICHE!!!  }

March Glossybox

In addition you have a full color magazine, filled with all kinds of amazing tips, trends, and style watching.  To me this is just an all around fun way to break up monotony of regular advertising.  I think its brilliantly put together and look forward to receiving my future boxes.

As a {BONUS} this month… if you follow the link here , and sign up for a GLOSSYBOX subscription you will be entered to win a BONUS box from me for the following month &  your very own $40 Gift Certificate to PRESTICHE.   🙂

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