DAY ONE… of 90

This morning I was lying in bed, in that warm cuddly sweet spot that makes you not want to move… you know the one I’m talking about… it feels like perfection and can completely consume a morning if you let it. As I just laid there, I started thinking about the challenge I’m taking on, and it hit me. I can 100% say that I am perfectly content with the way my body looks esthetically.  Every curve, every dimple… I love it all. It’s me, who I am, its what I’ve created.  So many times we live in this headspace of regrets and discouragement, that I think we end up damaging our own self worth far more than anyone else ever could.   It feels good to have that negativity gone.

Creme de la Curves

 My journey over the past year has not been too open to the public, bits and pieces have been mentioned here and there of the who’s, the what’s and the where’s but the “why” has been left intentionally abstract.  Truth be told, I didn’t really even know how to talk about it, or really if I should. I wanted the process of truly figuring out who I am again to really just be mine, void of any influence, input, interruption, or agenda.

So, I’m starting 90 days…  I’m not fully sure esthetically how things will turn out, but frankly I’m not actually concerned with it. I feel like this is completely about attaining a goal.  One of the most important intentions I set for myself when I stepped away from my life was to genuinely become a person that stood by her word.  So many times, especially when your schedule feels like an endless sea of events, you can become overwhelmed that you want to walk away but can’t or rather shouldn’t. I used to come up with reasons & excuses not to do things, or why things didn’t happen.  I hated being that person, and I changed it.

So here I am at another Day 1… the day I walked off the plane back in August, I set a goal that I was going to run a half marathon.  I began some baby steps to getting back into shape a little while back, but today is when it really starts… the training and 2 yummy shakes a day.  Sounds easy right… ummm yeah right!!!   But to that I say… bring it on!!!

Body by Vi Challenge

If you are interested in joining me in the challenge, I’d love to show you how to join here.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Luis Brown says:

    Anything that you can conceive is possible… short and sweet.

    1. That is very true Luis 🙂

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