Day 42

My sister and I were hanging out this weekend and the great thing about having good family time is that when you have a conversation, you’re really having a conversation.  There isn’t a need for all the pleasantries, and etiquette,  you can just really talk, at least thats how we roll.  So this weekend, we were talking a lot about perception, and authenticity, and really just getting to that place of being able to find ones self and what all that really means.

Really it sounds great, and all together inviting, this entire concept of “finding oneself”. You have an entire world to explore and have no one to answer to really, but the nuts and bolts of it is that it really kind of sucks sometimes.  There is a ton of trial & error, a ton of “you” time ( I will admit, I am partial to this) and just all together having a lot of faith that the steps you are taking are ones of purpose.

ViShape Shake

It has now been a year since I started my sabbatical, and I would say I have grown a ton in this year, but I definitely have some major things to work on.  The shift back into working full time on a full blown passion is definitely going to take some getting used to.  I’m learning on a hard quick curve that starting My 90 Day Challenge, actually couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time in my life.  Its forcing me to have to stay accountable to something even when I really want to quit and definitely challenging my drive & my focus ( something I was sure I had mastered).

I’m on day 42… initially I had every intent on writing about my experience 3 days a week…. I’ve written once.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that, that kind of batting average is well… sub par.  So today,  I’m going all in, because the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the past 48 days is that NO ONE and NO THING is worth jeopardizing my happiness, my success, or my goals.

I’ve made a very important decision, and I’ve set my goal, and every day I’m going to be able to mark it off on my calendar that I have completed this goal. When the day comes that I realize that I have completed my goal but forgotten to mark it down.  That, well that, to me  is progress, I’ve changed a habit, and to me THAT is changing my life.  I might share this new one with all of you at the end of these 90 days… but for now its just me and The Challenge, and well, I’m actually really super excited & OK with that!!!

What is one thing you’d love to say that you can do everyday without any thought, or reminder?!?


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