Take a day…

With all the fun transformation stuff going on with Vi,  I definitely wanted to document my progression. And not the typical bathroom pic or all the gym pics you see out there… but a day of it.  I am of the belief that if you are going to invest the time, energy and money in yourself then documenting the process should be just as important as the process itself.   


A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine set out to do just that…  I didn’t buy all new clothes but wore some clothes that still had the tags on them that had both never been worn… and no longer fit.  

Creme de la Curves

The day was fun… getting pampered, dressed up, and setting out to a fun location.  

photo 4-3


Anyone who has set out on a personal development journey, needs to take it all in,  and to the fullest.  Remember to do the things you love, and to capture them all, because while the normal protocol for changing your lifestyle is capturing the bad in the worst possible light… but becoming healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t happy… it just now means you are making different choices.  

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