Creme de la Curves 90 Day Challenge

Alright… here are the details

As you know I’m working on my second,  90 Day Challenge,  over the past couple of weeks I’ve been researching all various types of women.  Everything from those who are apart of body acceptance forums to women who have completely 180’d their lifestyle and lost hundreds of pounds.   The constant I’ve found is that there are haters everywhere.   Those who attack people bettering themselves, those who are attacking those who aren’t and truly I’ve just found it ridiculous.   For years the plus size community has been struggling for a way to find their voice in the fashion industry, and lately the more fashion segments I’m seeing supporting this, the more hate I’m reading by the very women who are claiming they want the change.  I don’t believe that I see any of that being appealing.

Why did I start Body By VI…

I was  ready to regain the life & style I had when I was the most happy in my life, and after literally years of research, I felt like Visalus was the company to partner up with. The ethics and inspiration this company offers is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition and I whole heartedly believe that if you are wanting to create a life of health and prosperity, Vi is the plan you need.

How does Creme de la Curves come into play…

Over the past month, I have teamed up with some amazing companies to build a 90 day challenge targeting my followers.  We will be featuring monthly giveaways, contests, and amazing prizes to compliment the already amazing Project 10 Challenge that Visalus already has in place.  ( the low down… every week Visalus gives away $10,000 to 10 people just for losing 10 lbs …. in addition for every 10 lbs you lose with Visalus,  they will donate a bag of shakes to an obese child to help him begin the road to health)

What do you need to do?

The steps are easy,   to enter to win you must be on the Challenge?   What is the Challenge… click here.

1. Order your kit…  ( to be an active member of the Challenge you must be enrolled in the Shape Kit or higher)  It can be purchased here.  (***BONUS*** get 3 Friends to join in the Challenge with you and you will get you kit for FREE )

2. Make your Project 10 video…  and take your challenge public meaning you will post…

” I’ve just started a NEW 90 day Challenge,  my goal is to ______________ .”  tag Creme de la Curves so we can track your posts and get to shakin’

Body by Vi


So simple… throughout the next 90 days, we will be running everything from drawings to contest to keep you motivated.  Visalus has created an amazing community of followers to inspire and encourage.  My goal is to not only tap into that resource but also build a group of women who like myself want to feel empowered. Want to make a change, and want to enjoy life again.

Body by Vi

{45 Days into my first Challenge, I’d lost 25 lbs and earned a FREE BMW}

You will have the next 7 days to get your kit ordered, video made, and begin your challenge.  The first 3 women who have completed these first 3 complete steps will win a copy of Lysa TerKeurst’s latest New York TImes Bestseller,  “UNGLUED”

Lysa TerKeurst Unglued

So what are you waiting for… grab your kit… shoot your goal… and come tell me what you want to accomplish in 90 days!?!



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