Chicken & Cauliflower Rice Soup


I am not a winter girl, like give me all the sunshine and above 80 days you can find and I’m a happy camper but even in the dead of summer… I’m making soup. I know..  I know… everyone dives into their salads but nope not me… soups are my jam. Chicken and Rice Soup is a long standing favorite in my house but have changed up my cooking habits after winning Whole30, so this has now become one of my all time favorites.  It’s packed with so much flavor and if you take the time to develop each layer of ingredients in the pan, the payoff is more than worth it.


One of my favorite spots to grab groceries is Fresh Thyme or if you’re on the west coast, Sprouts.  Sprouts was one of my favorites when I lived out west, so I always feel like I’m home.  All stores are the same, isn’t it funny how there is comfort in familiarity, … anyway on the back wall by the mushrooms is their fresh herb section.  I always pick up a pack of Poultry Seasoning… and almost always lasts for the entire week of recipes.



If you’re a soup lover like me, drop me a comment below of your favorite recipe.

XO – eliza


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