Drawing a line in the sand…

40…  I’m officially 2 weeks into my 40’s…

it’s super interesting to me, if you would have asked me 20 years ago… I would have told you that my 40th Birthday would have included some type of  “over the hill” themed party filled with a life is now over theme… but the reality is I feel like my life is just beginning. Maybe it’s all the personal development work I’ve been doing lately or the tried and true expectation vs reality thing… but most days I feel 25 and the day I turned 40 didn’t really change that feeling much.

Last April, I attended a Tony Robbins event and it was such a monumental turning point for me and my personal development…  I walked away with decisions made and lines drawn in the sand.  It’s really interesting the way your brain processes a decision like that.  It’s almost processed like a sigh of relief followed by this wave of energy…

I’m not even going to try to pretend like these last two weeks have been anything close to a massive wave of action. The ONLY promise I have kept to myself is the promise of not looking back…. 40 was the line but today is THE LINE… for the remainder of 2020… no more processed sugar. No more dairy. No more gluten. No more soy.

Which means YES to fresh vegetables. Yes to maximum flavor… and YES YES YES to more foods like these!!!


The next few days are definitely going to be filled with headaches and sugar withdrawals  but today… today is AMAZING because the line has been drawn and there is no looking back…

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