exploring St. Louis… Roper’s Ribs

Earlier this month,  I headed down into the city to check out the legendary BBQ spot… Roper’s Ribs, owned by Carl & Denise Roper. Roper’s has been a staple in St. Louis county for over 25 years, with a long standing tradition of serving great BBQ to their community.  Y’all this little corner of the world is filled with so much history and flavor, from the moment you walk in you’re met with both an entire wall of awards and recognition as well as the friendliest smile behind the counter.  If you’d like to check out my full review over on YouTube, you can find it over here


y’all…when I tell this is BBQ you’re going to want to try… oooee it is so FIRE!!!!!

Roper’s Ribs has most notably become recognized for receiving the Steve Harvey Neighborhood award… a total of seven times since opening their doors.



I’ve teamed up with Roper’s to offer a fun GIVEAWAY for my subscribers to be entered to win… both a bottle of their BBQ DRY RUB as well as a $25.00 gift card to stop in an grab yourself some BBQ. All you need to do, to enter is to be both SUBSCRIBED to my YOUTUBE channel here, as well as one of Roper’s BBQ’s social media pages which can either be found here or here



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