Valentines Cut-Outs (Sugar Cookies)

While I’m not the biggest fan of commercializing a holiday… I will say that Valentines Day is one of my favorite ideas of a holiday.   I love the idea of love, and doing nice sweet gestures for people.  I have never actually made cut-out sugar cookies before so I thought I would make a go at it this week in preparation of this special lovey-dovey holiday.Valentine Sugar CookiesMy little tip is add an extra tablespoon of flour to the dough mix and refrigerate while your oven is heating.

Writing with Icing

Its good to practice a few times on some paper before diving into the cookies…
Valentine Sugar Cookies 3Cookies for everyone… wish you all could taste how awesome these are. The recipe can be found here.  Hope you all have an amazing holiday and even if you don’t think you have anyone to celebrate with this year. Make some up for a friend, family or co-worker.  I don’t know many who don’t love cookies… 🙂   –Eliza

Full Disclosure :  I totally used those Betty Crocker squeeze packets with the interchangeable tips for the icing… hey you know with this being my first attempt at cut-out sugar cookies I figured why not try the whole homemade icing another day.  Plus who really wants to pass up glittery red icing?!?  not this girl…  🙂


“What can we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us? Since God did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t God, who gave us Christ, also give everything else?”

Romans 8:31-32

Have you ever made a conscious effort to stop and only live in the moment? Not worrying about things you did in the past… not worrying about what is going to happen next month, tomorrow… even 30 minutes from now. Its challenging. Last week I turned 33. A few days before I had a minor meltdown… well not so much meltdown as a re-evaluation. It hit me that my mom passed away at 45… wow!!! I had so many dreams, goals, unanswered prayers to see through. 12 years wasn’t a very long way away… (not that I thought I would pass away in the same time frame or anything, more of an observation) then it hit me like a ton of bricks just how valuable everyday on this Earth is. I immediately made a deal with myself and with Jesus Christ to really enjoy this year… no expectations… no timelines… just a couple of guidelines and then go after it.

So the day comes, my birthday begins and it was truly an amazing day. I woke up to an entire day available to spend with, one of my favorite people, my dad. We went to lunch at my favorite restaurant and when the check came… we had been seated at Table #33…well isn’t that fun!!!


Lunch was followed by another one of my favorite activities… a tour of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Let me tell you, the 3 hours of history and knowledge I soaked in was amazing. I had forgotten what an inspiring life Lincoln had led. Did you know that a few years before he became President of the United States you would have found him in a bed… alone… and so depressed from heartbreak that he didn’t even care to go on?


I’ve been there… living in the muck & mire of life, sad, confused, feeling like I’m alone in a house full of people pretending to care about me, wanting to be away from all of them so badly that I’d say or do really anything. Not really wishing it would be over but rather just wishing for something… anything to be different. To wish for something to be different you have to do something fairly simple… BE DIFFERENT.

That difference for me has been to make a conscious effort to make all that I am… every breath that I take, an act of thankfulness and gratitude for every good person in my life and every beautiful experience Jesus Christ allows me to feel. When this began to happen my focus changed… it no longer mattered if I was in the right line of work… it no longer mattered if I would or wouldn’t, ever get married… have children. I have began to realize that even though my life is far from perfect and prayers are still given daily, dreams are still coming into fruition, I no longer have time to focus on the details because I am filled with such a joy that anything that will be added to the moment feels like a little miracle.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

“Miracles” like my dad suggesting my favorite restaurant without even knowing it was my favorite… suggesting we head over to check out a new exhibit not knowing that spending a day at a library would be the perfect birthday gift for his daughter. And in those moments of gratitude all you can do is say…

“Thank you Jesus, for teaching me to dive into today instead of busying myself with developing tomorrow.” -eliza

it’s time to rewrite your story…

and the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows. – Luke 12:7

Deep inside of you there is a well. A deep well filled with dreams, visions, and ideas. 

Thoughts of who you are, of what you will become, of what you have dreamt about your entire life; aching to come out, to be heard.

Today, I can promise you that if you listen to those things, they will become you… because they are you. They are the essence for what you were were born to do, who you were born to be.

So I ask you to listen & believe. That still still small voice inside of you whispering.  Its called your destiny. And today you will find it because it has already found you.

It’s time.

{DIY} Christmas Cupcake Ornaments

Last year on Pinterest, I saw these super cute cupcake ornaments and have been dying to try them ever since. If you follow any of my social media you already know that Christmas is my all time favorite holiday and that I love to go all out when it comes to decorating, baking, and just really everything that encompasses the season. These were actually extremely easy to make, and if you have a hot glue gun (which I did not) it would be even easier.

Cupcake Ornaments

{glue | glitter | foil cupcake liners | red bells | large bright colored ornaments | paint brush }


{with a small brush paint the area with glue you would like to glitter as the icing}


{glue the red bells on top and finish by gluing the liner to the ornament and your done.}

This is by far the easiest crafting project I’ve ever attempted and super cheap too.  I think the entire list of products cost less that $10-.  The only thing I have left to do is to come up with an equally cute way to wrap these for gifts.  Do you have any suggestion? Let me know your most creative idea in my comment section below and if I decide on yours I will include one of these for you in my gifting.

-Merry Christmas-


apples to apples…

Earlier this month I got to spend the weekend with my grandma.  In spending time with her she gave a lot of sage wisdom which I talked about here. I recommend anyone who has an elderly loved one, to take the time to go visit them. You can learn so much from the life they have fully lived.

Homemade applesauce is so much simpler than you would ever imagine a full recipe can be found here.

 I like to add cinnamon & agave nectar to mine.