3 thoughts on “ASK ELIZA

  1. Hello Kindred Spirit!

    I found you through the comments section on the blog listing ‘the 20 best horror movies’. My daughter, Gabi is a horror film fanatic and I was looking for leads for her. Anyway, I was drawn here by the promise of a Salted Caramel Pears recipe (yum! another love of Gabi’s –& mine.) and your name, ‘cremedelacurves’. Both are lovely! Great tips and pics on the caramel pear recipe, by the way. Also, a really cool concept for your blog’.

    So, Eliza, I’m eager to follow you and hear more of your point of view! I’m fascinated and curious about this weird deal our culture has with us curvy gals, you know? I believe that people can make better use of their time by concentrating on some of your ~and I wholeheartedly agree ~ philosophies! The daughters and women with body- and self-hatred issues are worth fighting for, are worth offering a better quality of culture, community and life for. Just now I just followed you to fb and I really appreciate those gifts and talents of yours represented there. What a powerhouse you are! And a magazine for real-size women? Yahoo! I haven’t seen much since the years-ago defunct MODE. CREME+ sounds great!

    I see you’re a new kid on the block with this blog, like me, and I encourage you to keep on keepin’ on, as that old funky saying goes. I will definitely check in one you often

    I have a new, still-private blog. I want awomanandhergod ~Intimacy with the Divine~ to show my realistic life in relationship with Christ: joy, humor, doubt, struggles, pain, celebration, hope, anger, hurt, praise & worship, etc.; sometimes not going to church for years or doing things the ‘mainstream’ way and loving Papa God passionately anyway; love and the gift of relationships with family and friends; being a woman who loves God, Life, and People with co-parenting a 21-year-old daughter, living the adventures of a now-limiting illness, being a caretaker, and living with my elderly parents as part of the mix. I’m fascinated with the hearts & wisdom of our older Spiritual Mothers, in particular, who have left themselves in letters, poetry and songs, treatises, bible and doctrinal studies, about their lives, their relationships, their politics, their dreams, and mostly, their desire to make their worlds bearable and loving places to live in, be in, and grow in. The arts will be represented in all their lovely, weird, and quirky beauty, including poetry, music, drama, photography, fine art, and fashion. And whatever else I discover. I’ll share blogs, odd and interesting points-of-view, etc. Overall, there will be lots of celebrating of what is real for me at the moment. Join me, won’t you?

    Oh, my, it seems that I have just written what my blog is ‘About’! Thanks, Eliza, for inspiring me. And this, my first comment. Congratulations on all your many avenues of expression! I know your success will continue; it has to. It simply already is. I pray you will be saturated with the experience of Papa God’s love for you (I stole this from a devotion I read recently) and that that Love will continue to inspire you to be excited about your life.

    Sweet peace,

    P.S. The first horror film I ever saw on the big screen was “Halloween” with Jamie Lee Curtis. The second, required for Film Theory & Criticism class, was the most frightening 105 minutes of my, then, 19-year-old life. Naturally, I shared it in a viewing with my sister, who shared my terror. It’s called “Repulsion,” a 1965 ditty featuring Catherine Denueve. Thus ends my list, as I’ve watched very few horror films, since then. Almost none. Tell me what you & hubby think of it and how it ranks.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for all the kind words. It has been such a blessing how God has allowed so many wonderful people to cross my path in this journey. I’m very much looking forward to seeing your postings. I’m really starting to have a great respect for the blogging community and definitely look forward to learning more about each other through our various post. 🙂

    Hope you have a blessed week. -Eliza

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